20 golden rules when packing travel luggage

Carrying extra scented paper, a spare bag and keeping a small empty compartment in your suitcase are all things that help eliminate troublesome luggage problems.

Luggage is always a problem for many people. Not everyone knows how to arrange the most appropriate supplies. Here are 20 principles you should know about becoming a "packer".

1. Make a list of things to wear.

You should leave the cumbersome, unnecessary items at home. Photo: sohitech.

2. Use a light suitcase. The type of cake will help you comfortably move as well as protect utensils maximum.

3. Choose clothes that are easy to combine and fast dry. Cotton and khaki are the top priority.

4. Use two-in-one clothes such as a jacket as a pillow, long pants can be folded into shorts.

5. Sort your personal items and then put them into separate plastic bags. This will help you find what you need faster.

6. Sort things by class. The order of priority is as follows: shoes, t-shirts, pants, skirts, accessories, work items, and shirts.

7. Roll waist and place in shirt collar.

8. Only bring enough amount of toothpaste, cleanser, shampoo ...

Bring shampoo, shower gel ... with a small amount but enough to use. Photo: fravelmag.

9. How to arrange clothes to save the area of ​​suitcases and still be flat is to roll them.

10. Please use suitcase lock to ensure safety for furniture.

11. Not bring things available at destination

12. Always keep a small empty compartment in the suitcase to store souvenirs.

13. Please send your luggage before departure if you bring many items. Shipping cost will be cheaper than deposit.

14. Sticking sticky notes on your suitcase will help you identify your stuff quickly.

15. If possible, wash the clothes during the trip

16. Use additional moisture-proof paper, fragrant paper to clothes will not stink.

17. Put tickets and passports in the easiest place to find them.

Find an easy location to get your passport and ticket so you don't have to rummage through your luggage. Photo: jumpdates.

18. Preparing painkillers, relievers, diarrhea, gauze pads, hydrogen peroxide.

19. Do not leave valuables like laptops, cameras ... in checked baggage.

20. Bring extra plastic bags in case you need them.

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