6 Reasons to study in Switzerland you should not miss

You probably already know Swiss watches, or Zurich as beautiful as paintings to wear. But did you know that Switzerland is also the ideal country to study abroad?

If not, then let Green Visa Study suggest to you some good things of this country

1. Switzerland is the heart of classical Europe
You will need to explore in 4 years of university. But Switzerland is very close to Germany, Austria, France ... Just a train will take you to these very picturesque European markets and markets.

You can enlist midterm or summer vacations to make your trips. Study in 1 country but can go to many European countries, standing in front of ancient buildings or peaceful villages. Just listening to it already likes it!

2. Training the second hottest subject in the world
Is the restaurant - hotel industry. Switzerland training this industry second, the rare country to receive the first. They are the most enjoying people in this world, so they will know how to please even the most demanding guests.

Frankly speaking, Switzerland has already reached a tough level of professionalism in this billion-dollar service industry.

3. Degree of international association
Swiss education has always been highly appreciated by the thoroughness and thoroughness of its people here. Especially, there are many international joint programs with UK, France ... Graduating university in Switzerland, you can hold 2 university degrees in your hand.

4. Diverse culture and languages
In Switzerland, people speak four languages: English, French, German and Italian, so their culture is very diverse. So they have a lot of new lifestyle and style for you to explore. If you are really passionate and want to pursue the Hospitality industry, this environment is ideal for "grinding history".

5. Employment opportunities and open future
Europe is not as difficult to apply for as people think. Already a good person, have a high professional then who can refuse. Not to mention studying in advanced countries like Switzerland, you can easily find other countries with many job opportunities waiting for you.

Employment opportunities depend not only on the reputation of the Swiss diploma but also on the main and training methods. Learning is always accompanied by practice, with internships even when still in school. So the restaurant - hotel courses in Switzerland only 5 months at school. Somewhere rest have to come to work in restaurants and hotels.

But when practicing a lot, the hands get used to the work, the mind is opened and acquires more knowledge not found in books. That is the secret of education in Switzerland. And upon graduation, students are recruited into companies is not an illusion!

6. Easy visa procedures
The Swiss student visa rate is 95% because students do not need to prove financial. Switzerland reduces quite a lot of paperwork, so the visa application process of Switzerland is also more flexible than many other countries.

Switzerland is not only a place to live, but also a place to save for your studies. You want to invest in the future and become a global citizen, learn about Studying Restaurant - Hotel in Switzerland.

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