Choose STEM majors benefit from studying in the US?

Someone said: Studying in America must choose STEM. Does anyone know what STEM is and it gets talked about a lot? And does anyone know what it would be a great benefit to choose to study STEM in the US?

The term STEM stands for 4 disciplines: Science (Science), Technology (Technology), Engineering (Engineering) and Mathematic (Mathematics).

This sector is known as "the best money-making industries in the 4.0 era" and there is a reason for it. Common, long-term development, high practical applications and great power investment focus. It is no coincidence that the United States is the world's most advanced science and technology development power. You will not be strange to giant technology corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, or Google, Facebook ... It is thanks to the outstanding US investment in this STEM industry.

Not only encouraging students in the country, the US Government also encourages many international young men and women choose STEM majors when studying abroad. International students will then receive the following benefits

1. Stay to work for 3 years after graduation - High chance of settling down
If you own a bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degree in STEM industry, you will be able to stay in the US for 3 years after graduating under OPT (Optional Practical Training).

You will not know the advantage of this policy until you have to submit your CV. Employers always consider between candidates with only OPT 1 year and 3 years. And 3 years is easier to recruit because of the long stay in the US. Businesses will not want to change personnel after only 1 year just because you have to return to Vietnam. So studying STEM is a great opportunity if you intend to stay in the US for a long time.

2. High recruitment demand
In fact, not only in the US, the demand for recruiting science, technology and new technology is high. This industry is sought globally. But being in the US, working at advanced technology corporations has always been a dream for many.

The good news is that from 2020, the US lacks about 10 million people in this highly specialized sector. Demand increased by 32%, 6%, 60% and 2% respectively for Software, Computer, Engineering and Math.

Moreover, not only large corporations need software professionals, computer engineers or data analysts ... Just need a STEM degree at any university in the US, you will have many opportunities. job. Trust me!

3. Salary and attractive incentives
Green Visa students have graduated from IT with a starting salary of $ 144,000 USD / year - an attractive figure for many who want to live in the US. In general, when the demand for human resources increases, the salary and remuneration of the STEM sector are certainly attractive.

Reference salaries of some occupations:

Information technology - $ 91,000 USD
Data analysis - $ 87,050 USD
Computer programming calculator - $ 82,690 USD
Computer information science - $ 136,280 USD
Mechanical engineer - $ 86,732 USD
Math - $ 104,350 USD
Chemistry - $ 55 - $ 62,700 USD
You can find the salary with the job list you need at the job search page Glassdoor.

Once you see the potential of the STEM industry, the next step to think about is which school is best for you? Every university in the United States offers STEM training, but not every school is good and is appreciated by the business.

Here are some tips to help you find a trust school to study STEM:

Definitely must be in the top quality American Training University and be highly appreciated in the field of science, technology and technology.
Accredited and certified by American Science and Technology Associations
There are many associate and internship activities at the business
The school is supported and guaranteed by the visa to stay working OPT after 3 years of graduation
computer science
A very strong public university of science and engineering teaching located in the coastal city of Corpus Christi is Texas A&M Corpus Christi. In particular, the computer science (Computer Science) and other technical fields of the school have been certified by ABET, ETAC, CAC, ASAC ... All are the leading prestigious associations in the United States.

>>> Details about Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Computer Science is considered a strength and a top priority at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Clearly, the salary of the information technology, software and computer science sector is much higher than the rest of the STEM sector. If you also like to explore data, design software or assemble and maintain computers ... Whatever, but if you choose these fields, you will definitely have many job opportunities, promotions and get back Attractive salary per month.

Some specific majors at Texas A&M:

Systems Programming Option (SYPO) - System programming
** This program is certified by ABET's Computer Accreditation Committee

Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Option (CSIF) - Network and facility security
Computer Game Programming Option (GMPR) - Game programming
Computer Information Science (ISYS) - Computer information science
Computer Science Education - Computer Science Education
Each discipline is designed for 4 years of formal training, with a class of up to 30 students but usually 20 friends forming small study and research groups. As a result, each student has the opportunity to approach, present views and develop skills better. It is important that you only pay the super attractive tuition fee of $ 15,000 USD / year. And the opportunity to receive an annual scholarship of 30-50%.

High school diploma

GPA: 2.0 / 4.0
IELTS 5.5 (if not available, will take the university's entrance test)
Enrollment period: June and August

Time: 16:00 - 18:00 April 14, 2020
Venue: 199/24 Ba Thang Hai, District 10, HCMC (opposite to Hoa Binh Theater)
REGISTER here or contact hotline 0901 885 300 for instructions
** When consulting, you should bring the documents to be reviewed by the Dean. If you have the potential, you will be able to interview for the scholarship.

Records include:

Transcript of the last 2 academic years
IELTS (if applicable)
Degree (if any)
Current financial documents (if not available will be instructed in preparation)

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