Graduated from Hospitality Management industry do what?

In addition to questions related to application procedures, scholarships and internships, Vinahure also receives many questions from readers related to Hospitality Management career opportunities after graduation. As a Swiss study abroad consultant with the largest number of students, Vinahure will analyze for you career prospects after graduating with this specialization in the following article.

"Hospitality" though sounded very close to "hotel" but in fact it was a much wider specialty. Hospitality is an industry related to customer service, including Travel - Services - Hotels - Restaurants. Hospitality graduates can work in a variety of departments with a wide range of customer service related fields. Hospitality majors train students to think independently, autonomy and especially proactively in all cases, how to handle situations quickly and effectively. Therefore, this major helps students equip themselves with the knowledge and experience to work in any field related to communication with customers. Here are some of the directions chosen by Hospitality Management international students.

Working in restaurants, hotels

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Yes, up to 60% of Hospitality Management graduates will choose to work in restaurants or hotels 4-6 * after graduation. The most basic reason is that you have gained a lot of experience accumulated during your study at school. Resumes with so much experience can easily find a job with relatively high starting salaries at any hotel and abroad block.

Things you can do in restaurants, hotels or even in luxury resorts include: hotel management, receptionist, F&B, marketing, IT, finance, accounting, event management, personnel management, booking or room management, ...

If you've graduated from Hospitality Management in Switzerland, you've probably gone through many memorable internships and a deep understanding of hotel departments, operations and soft skills to handle. work in a hotel restaurant. As such, choosing to work and develop in the future in large restaurants or hotels will be a sure and sustainable step if you want a stable job after graduation.

Working in airlines

Flight attendants and support and airport management are also the dream job of many young people. This job requires you to have good looks, fluent English and other languages ​​fluent communication is the strength. When studying Hospitality Management in Switzerland, not only do you learn the manner of working politely, but also equipped with additional German / French capital equivalent to B1 level after 3 years of study.

Airlines are very priority to recruit students with appropriate experience like you, including airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Air, Eva Air, Vietnamairlines, ...

Works for businesses

In every business including private, state or enterprises with foreign elements, there are human resources department or Customer care department, internal and external affairs department. This is all the work closely related to customer relations and intensive communication.

When studying Hospitality Management, in addition to the subjects related to the service industry in general, the schools also teach many subjects related to economics, business management, human resource management, marketing, risk analysis and economy in the era of industrialization. This knowledge will help you update your knowledge of the contemporary economy and be ready to solve outstanding problems in your business. You will become one of the leading factors helping the company handle the problem quickly - neatly - quickly and without annoying anyone.

Works for e-commerce platforms

In recent years, e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo in Vietnam or Amazon, Alibaba, etc. in foreign countries are gradually gaining market share of traditional trading floors due to their quickness and convenience. Convenient and diverse items. These e-commerce platforms have thousands of employees who care, serve customers and manage business operations, cooperation with partners. This is a fertile ground for Swiss students returning home because they have the ability to systematize and train professional skills very well for current personnel in the industry.

These e-commerce sites are also established in many countries around the world, providing opportunities for business exchange in Asia and other developed countries.

Starting a new business yourself

Although this is not a common direction after graduating, it is the expected destination of most Hospitality Management students. Vietnam is now a country with many famous landmarks and attracting most visitors in Asia. The service sector in our country has had a remarkable increase in recent years, but the facilities and customer service of motels, homestays and hotels have not met customer expectations. . The market share of the industry is mostly in the hands of famous hotel and resort groups such as Intercontinental, JW Marriott, Sofitel, Sheraton, Novotel, Vingroup, FLC, ... Few good options at affordable prices but most have to endure badly-built properties, prices are pushed up above the common floor. If you know the right place and investment opportunity, Hospitality Management graduates can start a small hotel, homestay, hostel or restaurant with professional and polite style at an affordable price. to stabilize the market and gain market share from the "big" in the industry.

Above are the analysis of Vinahure based on the fact, the aspirations of students and the labor market needs. We hope that this article will help you in your choice of industry choice, future school choice.

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