Shocking truth about the "father" of the atomic bomb

Atomic bombs are considered the most dangerous weapons that humans have invented so far. The reason is that this weapon has great destructive power, causing many casualties and lasting effects on humans and the environment.

The creator of the atomic bomb was scientist Julius Robert Oppenheimer (1904 - 1967). He was the head of the Manhattan project - the US atomic bomb research and development project in 1942.

Julius scientist Robert Oppenheimer.

 Prior to joining the Manhattan project, Mr. Oppenheimer was a professor of physics at the University of California. After joining the Manhattan project, Oppenheimer contributed his talents and dedication to his colleagues so that the atomic bomb project could soon achieve results. The project was successful when Oppenheimer's team released a dangerous weapon called an atomic bomb in 1945.

Speaking at a meeting in May 1945, the scientist Oppenheimer was very excited and proud when talking about the invention of the atomic bomb. However, things changed when he witnessed the atomic bomb used by the United States when it was dropped on two Japanese cities in July 1945.

As a result of the two atomic bombings, more than 100,000 were killed instantly. Thousands of others live with dangerous complications for the rest of their lives. After that event, Japan surrendered to the allies.

Some argue that the invention of the atomic bomb contributed to the end of World War 2 earlier than expected. After witnessing the severe consequences caused by the atomic bomb, the scientist Oppenheimer said that he had become the "destroyer" of the world with the invention of dangerous weapons.

In October 1945, after leaving the Manhattan project, the scientist Oppenheimer met with President Truman. There, he said, his own hands were covered with the blood of the victims killed in two atomic bombings on Japan.

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