The God of Medicine Sea - The father of the method of catching Oriental medicine

Bien Thu's method of catching vessels is considered to have laid an important foundation for Eastern medicine industry.

Bien Thu is a famous physician in the period of Spring and Autumn Warring States, China. According to LizhiWang, he is actually the surname Qin, whose name is "Bien Thuoc".

Bian Que was originally not from a medical family. As a teenager, he worked in a noble family. With a righteous personality and respectability, Sea Ruler is highly valued by many people.

According to history books, a physician named Chuong Tang Quan at that time, because of his fondness for Bien Thu's personality, offered to pass on medical knowledge and secrets to him. Since then, Bien Thuoc went around practicing medicine to help the people, gradually the reputation became more and more popular.

Folk save many anecdotes about the medical talents of Bien Thuoc.

According to the Han Dynasty, once, Bien Thuoc led 5 students to Quac (now in Shaanxi province) to make medicine. Heard that Prince Quac became ill suddenly, he felt suspicious and asked to come in.

Observe for a while, see that the nose of the dead are still moving, the legs are still warm, Bien Thuoc carefully diagnoses and concludes: "The death of" death "(fake death), can save lives". He stabbed needles in vital points, sent pupils to Tu Minh to wormwood, Coc Tu poured medicine, Tu Dung continuously rubbed his hands. For a long time, indeed, the "dead" gradually regained consciousness. Bian Que again used medicine under the armpits, the patient got up right away.

The historian Sima Qian records in the History Book that one day Bian Que went to Qi to meet Qi Complete. Seeing King Qi's bad mood, he said, "In the skin and hairs of the root of the disease, if not promptly treated, the disease will be worse." In response, Te Hoan Cong indifferently: "I feel very good, do not have any sickness." Bian Que retreated.

Five days later, Bien Thu said to the audience Qiqiang and affirmed again to King Qi: "Your illness has already reached his internal organs, he must be treated immediately." Hoan Cong looked uncomfortable, did not answer. Waiting for Bien Thuoc to leave, he told the people: "The physician was just so clever and very intimidating. We have no disease that he dares to say is seriously ill. It's ridiculous".

Five days later, Bien Thuoc again entered the audience. Just seeing King Qi's face, he turned away and walked away. Mr. Qi Hoan Cong asked the people to run after him, Bien Thu said: "The disease in the flesh can be rubbed off, the disease in blood vessels can still be transmitted. that's why I left. " Indeed, when Qi Huan Gong became seriously ill, the senior doctors could not cure it.

Based on his professional experience, when treating patients, Bien Thuoc uses the "four diagnostic" method, which includes 4 steps to diagnose the disease.

First, he observed the patient and noticed the appearance of skin, tongue color.
Second step, he heard the voice, breathing.
In the third step, he asked patients about the symptoms they encountered.
Finally, he caught the pulse.
Legend has it that Bien Thu was the one who gave birth to the method of catching vessels, setting an important premise for Eastern medicine. Regarding the method of catching the vessels of Bien Thuoc, folk handed down an anecdote.

Once, Bien Thuoc came to Tan country, learned that Zhao Gian Tu - who was in political power in the country was ill and comatose for 5 days. Bian Que caught his pulse, saw that the patient's pulse was weak, and heard that the political state of Jin was confused at that time, so Zhao Zhao Zi was so overwhelmed that his blood did not circulate well, leading to coma. Bian Que prescribed medicine for Zhao Gian Tu to drink. Only two days later, the patient regained consciousness and the disease gradually improved. In History, Sima Qian praised: "The world refers to the circuit, it refers to Bian Que".

In addition to "four diagnoses", Bien Thu also understands and uses a variety of therapies such as acupuncture, needle acupuncture, and massage. In particular, he emphasized prevention rather than cure. Prevention is twice as valuable as cure. This can be clearly seen in the anecdote about Qi Gong.

Bien Thu left many people with many secrets and medical works such as "Victim Sutra", "Sea Size Foreign Business", "Sea Size Foreign Business". Later, Bien Thuoc and Hoa Da, Truong Trong Canh and Ly Thoi Tran were proclaimed by the posterity of the ancient Chinese Four Great Names.

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